Pinky Beauty Parlour 2023

Pinky Beauty Parlour 2023 Bollywood Movies: Cast, Story and Reviews

Bollywood movies have been known to captivate audiences with their engaging storylines, impressive performances and memorable characters. In 2023, audiences can look forward to Pinky Beauty Parlour, a Bollywood movie that promises to be an exciting and entertaining experience. we will take a closer look at the cast, story, and reviews of this highly anticipated movie.


Bollywood has always been a popular form of entertainment in India and around the world. With the release of Pinky Beauty Parlour, the year 2023 promises to be an exciting time for Bollywood movie enthusiasts. This upcoming movie is expected to showcase impressive performances by a talented cast, along with a unique and engaging storyline.

Pinky Beauty Parlour

Pinky Beauty Parlour is a Bollywood movie directed by Shashanka Ghosh and produced by Rhea Kapoor. The movie features an impressive cast, including leading actors like Taapsee Pannu, Konkona Sen Sharma and Vijay Varma.

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Pinky Beauty Parlour boasts an impressive cast of talented actors. Taapsee Pannu is in the lead role, while Konkona Sen Sharma and Vijay Varma play supporting roles. The movie also features other notable actors such as Saurabh Shukla, Rajesh Sharma, and Vinay Pathak.


Pinky Beauty Parlour tells the story of two sisters who inherit their mother’s beauty parlour. While one sister is happy to continue the family business, the other dreams of becoming a successful fashion designer. The movie explores their journey as they navigate their personal and professional lives, and the challenges they face along the way.


Pinky Beauty Parlour is yet to be released, but it has already generated a lot of buzz among Bollywood enthusiasts. Fans are excited about the impressive cast and the movie’s unique storyline. Given the director’s reputation for producing quality movies, there is no doubt that Pinky Beauty Parlour will be a hit with audiences.

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