Malaysia to Amnesia 2021

Malaysia to Amnesia 2021 Tamil Movie Cast, Story and Reviews

Malaysia to Amnesia is a 2021 Tamil comedy film directed by Radha Mohan and produced by Infiniti Film Ventures. The movie stars Vaibhav Reddy, Vani Bhojan, and Karunakaran in lead roles. Here’s everything you need to know about Malaysia to Amnesia, including its cast, story, and reviews.

Cast of Malaysia to Amnesia

The cast of Malaysia to Amnesia includes:

  • Vaibhav Reddy as Arun
  • Vani Bhojan as Vandana
  • Karunakaran as Mani
  • MS Bhaskar as Arun’s father
  • Latha as Arun’s mother
  • Viji Chandrasekhar as Vandana’s mother
  • Riya Suman as Bhavna
  • Anandraj as Raja
  • Mayilsamy as Prabhakar
  • Arjunan as Sam

Storyline of Malaysia to Amnesia

Malaysia to Amnesia is a comedy film that follows the story of Arun (Vaibhav Reddy), a young man who lives in Malaysia with his wife Vandana (Vani Bhojan) and daughter. Arun is a successful businessman but he is often too busy to spend time with his family. When Arun forgets his wedding anniversary, Vandana decides to teach him a lesson by pretending to have amnesia. She makes Arun believe that he has lost the last two years of his memory, including their marriage and the birth of their daughter.

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As Arun tries to piece together his life, he realizes that he has lost everything that is important to him. He decides to win back his wife and daughter by starting anew and creating new memories. The movie is a light-hearted comedy that explores the importance of family and the power of love.

Reviews of Malaysia to Amnesia

Malaysia to Amnesia has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. The movie has been praised for its performances by the cast, especially Vaibhav Reddy and Vani Bhojan. The movie has also been lauded for its light-hearted comedy and feel-good factor. However, some critics have criticized the movie for its predictable storyline and lack of originality.

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