Guldasta 2021

Guldasta 2021 Bengali Movie Cast, Story and Reviews

Guldasta is an upcoming Bengali drama film directed by Arjunn Dutta and produced by Shiboprosad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy under their production house Windows Production. The movie features a star-studded cast of talented actors, including Arpita Chatterjee, Swastika Mukherjee, Debjani Chatterjee, and Anubhav Kanjilal. Here’s everything you need to know about Guldasta, including its cast, story, and reviews.

Storyline of Guldasta

Guldasta revolves around the lives of three women who are struggling to cope with the complexities of their relationships. Sujata (Arpita Chatterjee) is a single mother who works hard to make ends meet for her family. Romita (Swastika Mukherjee) is a housewife who is trapped in an unhappy marriage. Renuka (Debjani Chatterjee) is a young girl who is forced to marry against her will.

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As their lives intertwine, they find solace in each other’s company and navigate through the challenges of their lives together. The movie is a poignant tale of love, friendship, and hope that explores the struggles of women in contemporary society.

Reviews of Guldasta

Guldasta has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The movie has been praised for its realistic portrayal of the lives of women in contemporary society and its exceptional performances by the cast. Arpita Chatterjee, Swastika Mukherjee, and Debjani Chatterjee have been especially lauded for their outstanding performances in the movie. The movie has been described as a must-watch for anyone who appreciates good cinema.

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